Engineering  and Design                        CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT                                      CONSUlting                     

 Architecture                                                       Construction Management                                                ​  Engineering Consulting

Building Permits                                                 Engineering, Procurement, and Construction ​                     Investment Consulting

Civil Engineering                                                 Risk Management                                                               Market and Risk Analysis

​ Infrastructure Engineering                                                                                               

​ Feasibility Studies                                                                                                                                                                                                Structural Engineering

 Interior and Exterior Design

 Landscape Design


    ​​our services


         Our company specializes in engineering projects around the globe. We provide a variety of engineering and consulting services for municipal, industrial, and mining projects. Our experts can develop a project from pre-feasibility study to completion. We provide project cost-reduction and innovative engineering solutions to our clients. Our experts deliver detailed designs and engineering advice to make your vision into a reality.

                 Our services are unique because our experts combine engineering services with social and economic analysis for our clients. We believe that engineering services are deeply integrated into local societies. To ensure a sustainable operation of your project, we analyze social and economic conditions to deliver a detailed feasibility study that seeks to mitigate the risks and enhance the benefits. Our risk management specialists examine regulations, corporate-government relations, economic factors, and societal conditions to achieve a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic condition.  

                                              ​- SEVIN